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As the soon to be second dog in space, you quickly realize that you aren't slated to return.

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TagsEscape Game, Singleplayer, Space, Virtual Reality (VR)


CertainThings_Albina.zip 124 MB

Install instructions

Download and run the executable. Motion controllers only. Grab and click with triggers. Try not to panic.


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I can't download it, when I press either of the download button, the download screen appears but it doesnt find the game to download


How do I download this?


It says in the install instructions and to download it click the giant DOWNLOAD button

I've gotten the parachute and the door open, but I'm not sure how to jump out. Is that it, or is there another step?

If I remember rightly, it plays a little victory noise, and that's it (you win!). 

It used to return you to the main menu and show a victory message, but some last minute packaging problems forced us to cut that feature. :(

Does this work on the rift S? Getting some weird visual glitches/artifacts.

I've not personally tested it on Rift S, but in theory it should. It's possible that it wouldn't though, since this was built before the Rift S was released (and before Unreal Engine added support for it). Hard to say - wish I had a Rift S to test with!

it works with the quest

Glad to hear!