A downloadable game for Windows

Join 3 other players in a 2v2 battle for the kingdom! Break the other team's bond to win. Block incoming attacks, collect power-ups, and show that your love is stronger!

Watch out though, your shield only blocks one of your enemies' attacks; you'll need your partner to block the other. Blocking for your partner gives them more power - use it to smash the enemy shields and secure a victory!

Note that the game is for gamepad only - you'll need four gamepads to play.

Team Name: Certain Things

 - Andrew M.
 - Matthew M.
 - Barak P.
 - William O.


Certain Things_Coup d'Amour.zip 438 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the file, and run "Coup d'Amour.exe" in the "WindowsNoEditor" folder. You'll need four gamepads to play, and the main menu is controlled by player one.

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